Our new catalogue.



During this last summer holydays 2017, we used the time to elaborate a new and updated version of our catalogue 2017.

It was a hard work, as we tried to offer concise information with instructive details.

We established 4 family grouping under each one a product range with a targeted objective for plant global care:

Plant life stages: this family include those products that are thought to activates specific metabolism at critical stages of plants lives.

Plant mineral nutrition: this group includes all mineral elements (macro and micro elements) essential for the correct growth of plants.

Soil amendment: all products that are essential for correcting bad soils and enhancing the physical and chemical aspects of the rhizosphere.

Plants guard: this a special family, newly included and it is thought to help the plants to fight against crops enemies, and protect them against any pest attack.

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Deficiency symptoms diagnostic's.



Our agronomic technical department has dedicated those last week’s collecting useful information related to plant deficiency symptoms.

As a result, they elaborated a nice chart including major deficiency symptoms appearance. But the most important was the network of deficiency diagnostic, following step by step through young or old leaves, to identify, finally the deficient element.

Even if it is very summarized and generalist, this tool is very interesting to identify the deficiency symptoms at early stages, that could help the growers to identify the problems earlier, and carryout prompt corrections avoiding harvest drops.

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BBCH adapted chart for dorry's plants life stages family.



BBCH is the abbreviation of the name of the German Institute (Biologische Bundesanstalt für Land und Forstwirtschaft) who created this scale.

This phenological scale is used to identify precisely each developmental stage of the annual cycle of a plant.

The BBCH scale is a reference framework for phenology and it was adopted by scientists for their research. With this code scientists and observers can accurately compare their observations. The BBCH code was originally developed to describe the phenology of crops and fruit trees. Here is how to decompose the annual cycle of a plant according to the BBCH scale.

Figure: This is a BBCH scale. According to “Phenological stages of  monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous crops”.

U. Meier.  Blackwell Wissenschafts-Verlag Berlin. 2001.

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